electric sunday

a blog by moriebun. stories about my disastrous, wonderful, crazy life. INFP. 230715 (Thursday). Today's post is a simple introduction and a bit of an unfocused rant.

Hello everyone. I'm morie and I'm just starting to learn HTML and CSS. It took me a few hours to get this rudimentary design up after starting from...scratch. This is my foray into web design, since I'm more into designing websites (think Tumblr and Blogspot, ew, gross) than into programming stuff. Sure, maybe I won't get onto the cover of Forbes or Wired (i'd probably have to invent some supercrazy whack thing for that) but I don't mind.

This is kind of an audacious project for me especially since I've got so many other things on my hands. I'm not sure why I'm doing this. Maybe because I've wanted to design themes for so long but couldn't, because I don't have any knowledge about HTML or CSS or SASS or any of the other frightening stuff. And maybe part of it is because I want to impress Mr. Boyfriend but hey...i lied it's totally to impress him I wouldn't do something that lame...haha...

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